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Microsoft's Win7 Ultimate Startup Repair Guide step by step


Welcome to Microsoft's Win7 Ultimate startup repair Guide step by step. This guide is step by step and should be used when trying to repair boot problems. This is Recommended when you have no access to your operating system or even when windows won't start at all.


If you have just installed Win7 , and it refuses to boot then it is very unlikely that the startup repair guide will be of any help. Try the following first:


  1. Make sure you have no memory keys, storage devices, external hard drives, etc connected

  2. Make sure there is no disks in your disk drives

  3. Make sure the boot order is correct in the BIOS for the hard drive.

  4. Make sure hard drive boot order is correct (For multiple Hard drives), especially if the 7 drive is a slave drive to another. The boot drive usually will be the master drive (That's if you did a parallel install)


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